Something came up again this week that I would like to talk about. That's "Being Ready". I have a student who has been away from my studio for almost a year and hasn't been working on his voice during that time. Now something has come up that he wants to do that requires a pretty good singer. He came to me to "fix" his voice so he can do the work. Unfortunately, he's lost all of his upper register. It's breathy and airy without a solid sound. That's going to take some time to correct and he will have to miss out on this opportunity.

I have another student, a young woman who has been working steadily with me for about eight months, and a couple of opportunities came up for her this past week. She didn't feel like she was ready to audition. I encouraged her to audition because she needs the experience, and she's a good singer. There is more work to be done, but she's been consistent and her voice is the best it's ever been. She can do the job, she needs to learn that.

Two examples of "Being Ready". The point is, keep working on your voice! You never know when an opportunity will come your way and you want to be ready.

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