Voice For Beginners

If singing is a dream that you've wanted to pursue, or just check out, just know that you can! So many students come to me and say that someone in the past told them they were a horrible singer, they should stick to their day job, and totally killed any dream of singing on any level. I actually get upset when I hear these stories because that person is actually hurting their friend by saying that to them.

Unfortunately, that person probably had their dream of singing squashed by someone else!

I believe everyone can sing! My training and experience tells me that this is true! I like working with beginners because with the right teaching and coaching, they make progress pretty quickly, and that makes me feel great! It's very selfish on my part!

You can get to the level of singing that you want to get to, with discipline and work, no matter your age! Progressive, prescriptive voice lessons are the best and fastest way to accomplish whatever your singing dream is!

Go for it!

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